A trip to Space ! ( Philosophy)

Will you be the person I choose to win the trip to space? Remember I will shortlist to 3 finalists.

What qualities do you have?

Mrs Paterson

19 thoughts on “A trip to Space ! ( Philosophy)

  1. I think I should go because I am very confident and brave and I will try to help the homeless and change the world to a better place by stopping Ebola and stopping global warming

  2. This is very exciting ! I think I should go to space and raise money because I will try and help people with diseases .I will try and help all homeless people to find a lovely home and make sure they are eating? . I will also do my best to help less fortunate children than my self because I am very lucky? . If I have to I will take bags full and bags full of food to give to the people who do not have food? .One last thing I place a flag on the moon saying everyone is equal no matter what .

    • Thank you for commenting Maggie, it is a difficult choice!
      Choose one and write down some reasons to help you in Philosophy tomorrow.

    • I agree Teya, it is very exciting. The final decision will be made in this Friday’s assembly by Mrs Cichuta and Mrs Hull.

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