Homework for week beginning 18th January

Have a go at describing an animal using: I-SPACED openers, Show Not Tell and try to drop in a relative clause.

We have been practising these techniques in class and there are lots of resources in the classroom to help you if you have forgotten.

Post your descriptions here or write out neatly on plain paper using a line guide and hand in by next Monday 25th January.

34 thoughts on “Homework for week beginning 18th January

  1. Giraffe
    In the jungle,are beautifull girafes.
    Eating leaves,the big giraffe, which got the long neck, ran away when see a human.
    Like the rays of the sunshine,the skin of the giraffe,which are yellow.Whith little brown marks,like the bronce.
    The giraffe has a little eyes,which color is black like the space.And the mouse same too.
    Got a short legs,whith a strong nails.
    And a long tail behind her.
    Behind of the giraffe are the baby girafes,which are little like a teddys.
    After,the baby giraffes now are big and strong.

    Miss Gendoo I put all except the “ED worlds” because I don t got ideas,I would liked if you can say me how I can start a sentence with a ED World of describe the giraffe.

    • Super effort Alejandro! How about ‘Frustrated, the baby giraffe sulked as he couldn’t quite reach the juicy leaves at the top of the tree.’

  2. Creeping up on its prey,which was a hippo,the leopard who’s name was Leona jumped and bit into the poor old hippopotamus.However,when Leona started eating a cheeky young lion came and stole the food!As quick as a racing car Leona took off in fury chasing after that lion,who took its food,and got its dinner back and started eating again until her fat tummy couldn’t take anymore!

  3. Cat
    Yawning, the fat cat stretched in its comfy basket after a huge meal, oblivious to the chaos in the kitchen. As deaf and unaware as a rock, the fat, ginger cat snoozed off, even if there were plates being knocked over by babies and arguments breaking over the best seat for the television. The cat was simply in its own world, now dreaming about the biggest fish ever and how he would eat it. In its sleep, the cat burped smiled and went into a deep sleep

  4. snatching a huge part of the deer the Tilly the tiger ran off. On top highest branch the mother roared to get the tilly the tiger attention but she walked away with so much pride maybe to much. As quick as lighting Tilly the tiger ran away from her family she said to her self mum and dad are going to kill me

  5. Entering the enormous jungle swinging on the long, green vines was a small smiley brown creature. The creature grabbed vine by vine gently with it’s short arms, it had wide eyes that was brown, a brown body and round ears. It’s tail was as long as a pole. It also had a cute nose. After swinging on the lengthy vines he had a nap on the brown branches.

    This animal was a monkey! I hope you liked Miss Gendoo!

    • Great work!

      Remember – its short arms

      Not – it’s short arms (it is short arms wouldn’t make sense)

      Its tail

      It had wide eyes that WERE brown…

  6. Dolphin

    Swimming around the ocean a tiny dolphin Selma was jumping for joy; she had a tiny mouth and gem-looking eyes! Splashing crazily she jumped up and down in the water. As loudly as a lions roar she squealed and swan even faster while soaking everyone in her path. She had black and white spots on her back and a cute little fin.

  7. Growling as loud as a tree dropping to the floor a tiger stood there leaving an air of tension.it pulled a face and limped onwards

  8. Dog

    As the dog ate his breakfast in peace, a Serton cat leaped into the new kitchen like a comodo dragon, breathing out fire hissing and stamping her paw. The poor small dog was all alone to deal with it. So the little dog was so sad and very emotional.

  9. Dog
    Finally the dog, which was still stinky, scratched the door and barked. Stinking, the dog dug a hole in the ground. Around the dog,
    who had just had a bath, was grass. Stupidly the dog ran away into the woods. The short-necked dog, which was wet, dug down deep.

  10. Excitedly the lion crept up to the monkey and gobbled him up in seconds. Eventually when he was full up he went to sleep. Next the lion,who was fresh, went hunting.Hunting ,that was his hobbie ,was something he would do every day. As silent as an electric car he would wait for an animal or human being to eat.

  11. The Bunny
    Hiding under a pile of messy hay,a small white bunny was sleeping peacefully. The bunny, who is extremely cute, has diminutive Snow White paws and long floppy ears on his head that follow him wherever he goes. As snug as a bug, the cute bunny beggan to wake up from his refresing nap and calmly the bunny openend his small black beady eyes and hopped around happily.

  12. Dreaming, the pretty little girl slept in her huge bed .As the pretty little girl woke up she shared a lovely smile. Carefully, mum walked up the stairs without making a sound but she droped all the washing and woke dad up .

  13. Dog:
    As tired as an old scientist ,the dog had been up all night trying to find his dog food ,however , when he found the dog food it was in the cuboard in the basement . After so long the dog had finally found his food. Stomping into his kennel he purposely knocked over a hundred pound vase ,which smashed into pieces on the solid concrete floor! 🙂

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