12 thoughts on “We have been trying to begin sentences using ISPACED openers

    I=ING Playing in the Park I fall in the mud.
    S=Similes Like a space,the hair of Alejandro is Black.
    P=Preposotions In front of the chairs are the strong tables.
    A=Adverbs Simply the problem of maths was resolved.
    C=Connectives Finally I finish the long book.
    ED= ED Amazed the eyes of Alejandro was put more big.

    ING-Playing on my computer, I won!
    SIMILES-As quiet as a mouse, I crept downstairs.
    PREPOSOTIONS-Before this happened I checked my phone.
    ADVERBS-Funnily, I fell in the mud.
    CONNECTIVES-Finally I reached to my goal.
    ED-Puzzled I forgot my homework

  3. Ing word -Walking through the dirty street there was a old man sitting on the seats.
    s- As quiet as a mouse, the mouse chew the cheese.
    p- Underneath the sewer there was a large amount of dirt.
    a- Honestly i forgot to do my homework.
    c- Since i finished my chores, i started my homework.
    ed- worried means scared and anxious and that is how i felt when i got grounded for 1 year.

  4. I=ng words playing in the park , I scored a goal!
    s=similes As quiet as a mouse , the tiger stalked on its prey
    In front of the chairs are huge strong chairs
    Adverb= Moodily the boy finished his maths
    C=connectives finely I finished harry potter the book

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