Homework for over the half term break!

Please visit the Hit The Button website daily during the holidays or at least practise your times tables daily. You will find next term much easier if you are more secure with your times tables.

Practise in the car, round the dinner table, whilst brushing you teeth…!

Also visit the KS2 BBC Bitesize website to reinforce what we have been learning so far this year: place value, addition and subtraction, fractions, extending sentences, forces….

Have a good break! See you on Monday 22nd February!

Miss Gendoo 🙂

5 thoughts on “Homework for over the half term break!

  1. hi miss gendoo i am going on hit the button in bed at the dinner tabel and even in the car i have had fun. hope you have a nice half tearm miss gendoo! have fun to my class.

  2. I went on hit the button last night and it really helped me with my maths like times tables,number bonds,doubling and halving and now I know all of the because of the app and when u want to buy it in the app store or google play its £2.99!!

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