Extra Maths Challenge

Have a go at working out what number each fruit represents and what the final answer is!

Post you ideas here….

Maths fruit empty box challenge

Some interesting ideas posted. We’ll talk through them on Monday!

25 thoughts on “Extra Maths Challenge

    • I have changed my mind to 14 because the coconut is a half not a whole and the bananas are in a bunch of 3 not 4

  1. apples are 10 banana are 4 2cocanuts are 2 1cocanut is 1 and last but not least the final question is 15 .That’s what I think it is

  2. apples = 10 bananas = 3 and 4 coconut =1 and 2 the final question answer is 14 and this was hard but at the end I got the hang of it

  3. the answer is

    banana+ apple+ coconut=15
    the answer is 15 because on the last one there is only 1 coconut which makes the coconut worth 1

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