Homework due in Tuesday 19th September

This week’s homework is to create your own family tree. I modelled how to organise everyone on the family tree using the members of our royal family and I also showed you how you could create one using a website such as familyecho.com. Please make sure you present your family tree to a high standard as we would like to display them (this is why you have been given a whole week to complete it). Google images has lots of good examples.

4 thoughts on “Homework due in Tuesday 19th September

  1. Hey everybody it’s Omar Ali. I hope you still remember me just wondering if I’m still aloud to comment on this blog, and how is everything going? It’s going great in secondary! but still missing everyone :,( .

  2. Roof has really enjoyed this home work and has done bits of it with both parents and grandparents, he has such. large family 🙂 we’re just trying to work out how best to print it! well over 100 relatives added!

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