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Today is World Kindness Day. We watched the film trailer for Wonder and talked about the children who were kind to Auggie. What does kindness mean to you? How could we show kindness? What act of kindness are you going to try to show this week?
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22 thoughts on “Choose kindness

  1. Hi Miss Gendoo. Kindness means when you do something that helps the person. I’m going to show kindness this week by helping people who are stuck.

  2. Hi miss Gendoo. Kindness is important to me because if your not kind then your a bad person,to be kind this week I will care for my friends and show kindness in every most possible way I can think of.

  3. His miss Gendoo

    Well kindness is all about letting people joining your games and not leaving them out . I think is about showing how kind you are but not just this week but every single day . You should always be kind to one another and don’t leave them out

  4. To me kindness means being nice to people, and not calling them names. We can show kindness by letting others join in our games and accept others who are different.
    I am going to keep being friendly to everyone and be nice to my brother and sister.

  5. Kindness is when you care about someone’s feelings. This week I am going to compliment other people and make sure nobody is left out. I will invite people to join my games.

  6. A true friend is there for you when you need them and respects you for who you are not gust on the out side but on the inside as well. A true doesn’t leave you out and encourages you to do the right thing not the wrong.

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