Let it snow!

Today, we made the most of the snow by conducting our own science experiment to see who could melt their snowball the quickest! We learnt about symmetry by making paper snowflakes and we learnt about structures by making snow sculptures and igloos. Hope the kids had fun!

Profit made in Enterprise week

Today in maths we watched a clip from The Apprentice and learnt about profits and losses.
We then looked at our receipts and calculated our costs/expenditure for enterprise week and then looked at our total sales. From this we calculated the profit we made which was a grand total of £99.96! This is a fantastic amount and now we have the very exciting task of deciding what to spend the money on! Well done everyone!

Friday’s Victorian enterprise event!

Today we were discussing what we would like to do for enterprise week.
We are going to craft:
-hand-painted bookmarks for only 50p in the style of William Morris,
-vintage print homemade bags for £2,
-hand-painted tea light holders for £2,
-beautiful origami tree decorations for 50p
-delicious homemade gingerbread biscuits for £1.
Or you can have all the items for only £5!

We will be selling our products on Friday the 1st of December. If there are any problems with you attending on Friday, you can order what you would like on the order form that has been sent home today.

By Rufus and Olly

Enterprise Week next week!

The children are very excited about Enterprise Week next week and will be blogging the items that they will be making along with prices on Monday! They will also bring home an order form for you if you are unable to join us for the sale next Friday at 2pm.
To add to the Victorian theme, please could they bring in their Victorian costumes to change into on the day of the sale.

Don’t forget, we need vintage prints (on paper, card or fabric), buttons, ribbon, lace, glass jars and tealights.