Our lung experiment

Today in groups we were learning about our lung capacity. For this we used: a bottle, a bowl, a tube and water. The bottle, which we filled with water, had measurement lines on it. We took a deep breath and blew into the tube to see how much air our lungs could take. The less water in the bottle, the bigger our lung capacity.
Gabby, Shiann & Niah

Banquet scene

The guests at our banquet today enjoyed witnessing the tension between Prince Hamlet and his mother. I bet they cannot wait to tell others about what happened. I mean – everyone loves a gossip! I wonder if you can reply with an example of how they might tell them.

Learning about the circulatory system

Today outside we acted out blood circulating around the body. To do this we got into groups and represented deoxygenated and oxygenated blood. When travelling to the lungs we had our coats off to show deoxygenated and when we arrived we put on our coats to show oxygenated. We learnt that our heart is an organ and a muscle. It was great fun!!!
Isobel & Caitlin